LeStylez's Staff Application


New member
General Questions: (Answers Required)
  1. What is your Discord Username and Tag? (Ex: Nep#0003): My Discord username is LeStylez#1434
  2. What is your Minecraft username?: My in-game username is LeStylez.
  3. How old are you? (Note: you must be 14 or older to apply): I am currently 14 years old.
  4. What is the Timezone that you’re living in? (Ex: GMT): My timezone is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  5. Do you have any previous or current experience as a staff member? If so, explain when, where, and how?: I’ve been staff on a few other servers before, such as Prison servers. I can apply all my knowledge to the server so I ensure a fun and enjoyable but safe server. I have knowledge to a lot of the plugins on this server, this means I can be quick at taking actions that are needed for the situation such as if someone was spamming I’d be able to act quick at warning them. I’ve been staff on multiple servers throughout my time playing Minecraft, and so far I’ve had great experiences being a staff members and this is why I’d like to apply for staff on here, so I can help people out and give everyone a great time.
  6. Are you currently staff on another server? If so, which rank?: Currently, I am staff on one other server, and I am Helper on there. I can definitely balance out time for both servers while still putting in a lot of hours into Miracle. If you have issues with me being staff on another server then DM me.
  7. How much time can you dedicate to MiraclePrison on a daily basis?: I can dedicate around 2-5 hours on a weekday, and around 3-6 hours on a weekend.
  8. Do you currently have any active reports, punishments against you?: I currently have no active reports or punishments against me.
  9. Why do you feel you are deserving of a chance to become a staff member?: I'd love to become a staff member on MiraclePrison to keep the server an enjoyable atmosphere and use my strengths to help other players out. I will use my wide range of knowledge, experience and didication of being a staff member, meaning if someone requires help I can help them out quickly and efficiently. So far I have really enjoyed playing on MiraclePrison and would love to moderate the server and discord channel alongside a lovely team of staff working here. Although I am only 14, I take staff roles and staffing very seriously, meaning I am mature around everyone. I think that helping out on servers is fantastic and I really do love it. As I stated above, I've had quite a lot of experience not only playing on Prison servers, but also being staff on them. I know how a Prison server runs, and how it should operate as I have been apart of senior staff teams before. I also have my own Prison server that I am currently abandoning until further notice. I know that there will be quite a few of good staff members but I feel that I am mature enough to become one and help everyone out.
  10. What are your aspirations and ultimate goals in being a staff member?: My aspirations of being a staff member is to make sure everyone on the server is having fun, while also I am helping anyone that needs help so no one is clueless. Another aspiration is to make sure the chat is smooth and nothing extreme happens, in the case of something extreme happening I will resolve it quickly and efficiently. My ultimate goals for being a staff member is again to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves playing MiraclePrison.
  11. What skills/talents help to define you as a person?: I play quite a lot of sports, and throughout my time playing sports I have learnt a lot of great life skills. One skill I have learnt is Leadership, and how to manage a team of people. Playing sports includes a lot of leadership from the Captain and me being the Captain I have a lot of pressure ensuring that I manage my team well and efficiently. Another skill I have learnt is Communication, communication is one of the best skills to have, personally. Communication skills is an amazing skill to have to make sure everyone is doing the correct thing, but also you can use this skill for helping people out.
Situational/Scenarios Questions: (Answers Required)
  1. If a Staff Member with a superior role is abusing a glitch, what would you do?: If I saw a staff member with a higher role than me then I'd firstly try to get some sort of evidence of them whether that being a screenshot or video and send it to someone that is higher up than them. While waiting for someone to come on and resolve the situation I'd try and keep everything as calm as possible.
  2. If you saw that one of your close friends was disrespecting other players, what would be your best course of action?: I'd firstly verbally warn them like I'd do with anyone else, and if they continued then I'd give them a follow up punishment. Just because there one of my close friends doesn't mean I'd treat them any differently from anyone else.
  3. If you see players in public chat encouraging others to violate the rules, what would be your best course of action?: If I seen players in public chat encouraging others to violate rules, then I'd firstly verbally warn them, hoping that they don't continue but if they did then have a follow up punishment.
Additional Questions: (You may choose not to answer these questions, but it would help us out knowing a little more about you).

1. Do you have a means to record footage of your game?: I'd only record if I needed to for staff reasons such as someone abusing, hacking etc.
2. Do you have any skills/experience in the following: Java or Python?: I've tried coding some Java but just haven't put enough time into it yet. In school currently we're learning HTML, so that is something that I am focusing on.
3. Do you have any social media accounts? (E.g. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.): I have Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
3. How did you find MiraclePrison? (Vote site names are appreciated): 4. What are your hobbies that is other than gaming?: As I've previously mentioned, I do a lot of sports such as Football, Basketball, Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Skiing.
5. Anything else we should know?: I don't think so.

Policies and Agreement:

By applying to MiraclePrison,
  • You understand many factors contribute to the amount of standby time whilst waiting for a response, not limited to: quantity of applications, personal obligations, etc.
  • You will NOT plagiarize another’s application.
  • You will NOT create an application which may contain one, if not all of these attributes:
    • Satire, implicit messages
    • Rule violations
    • Troll/Insincere/Falsified answers
    • Conflict-provoking/Attention-seeking responses
  • You agree to wait at least 1 week following submission before boosting your thread (putting your application at the top of the section).
  • You respect the result of your application. As mentioned previously, you are allowed to appeal the result as long as you are constructive.
By agreeing to these terms, you also acknowledge any violation will result in an automatic denial and the possibility of a blacklist prohibiting you from applying in the future.
If you choose not to agree, your application will be automatically denied.

- Do you agree? (Yes/No): Yes

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