Reblxtemp3r’s Application


New member
General Questions: (Answers Required)
  1. What is your Discord Username and Tag? (Ex: Nep#0003): J0sh#6968
  2. What is your Minecraft username?: PossiblyGG
  3. How old are you? 14
  4. What is the Timezone that you’re living in? (Ex: GMT): GMT
  5. Do you have any previous or current experience as a staff member? If so, explain when, where, and how? : I currently own my own HCF server, MortalMC. Alongside my staff team I moderate chats, ban rule breakers, do support rooms and do a lot of development. Prior to becoming the owner of Mortal, I was a helper where I would moderate the chat and do support rooms when needed. I have also been staff on a bigger server called GraystoneMC. It’s to my knowledge that this server is currently closed however when I was there I was an admin. My job here was to do light development along with train staff and moderate the in game side of the server.
  6. Are you currently staff on another server? If so, which rank?: I currently own my own server. This, however, would not conflict with my role here if I am accepted.
  7. How much time can you dedicate to MiraclePrison on a daily basis?: Between 4 and 5 hours
  8. Do you currently have any active reports, punishments against you?: No
  9. Why do you feel you are deserving of a chance to become a staff member?: I feel like I should have a chance as a staff member due to many qualities I possess that others lack. Excluding my activity, I am able to contribute my communication, team working skills and knowledge on moderating.
  10. What are your aspirations and ultimate goals in being a staff member?: My ultimate goal is to make sure that the community have the best possible experience, if they don’t I would ask why and make sure the server adapts to allow everyone to have the best possible experience.
  11. What skills/talents help to define you as a person?: My honesty and Communication, both of which I excel in
Situational/Scenarios Questions: (Answers Required)
  1. If a Staff Member with a superior role is abusing a glitch, what would you do?: I would record the staff member abusing this, ban them and send the evidence to a higher up for further investigation.
  2. If you saw that one of your close friends was disrespecting other players, what would be your best course of action?: I would take the same action as I would any other player, donators, friends and youtubers should not be treated differently.
  3. If you see players in public chat encouraging others to violate the rules, what would be your best course of action?: I would punish them for whatever time frame the management team say and enforce the fact that if people do break the rules, they too will be punished.
Additional Questions: (You may choose not to answer these questions, but it would help us out knowing a little more about you).

1. Do you have a means to record footage of your game?: yes
2. Do you have any skills/experience in the following: Java or Python?: Some
3. Do you have any social media accounts? (E.g. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.): Snapchat is jbecconsall4, Instagram and Twitter is JoshBecconsall.
3. How did you find MiraclePrison? (Vote site names are appreciated): A voting site (I forget which one, sorry)
4. What are your hobbies that is other than gaming?: The police cadets, I’m part of this group which is like army cadets but more police related. They have made me a more confident speaker along with teaching me many other useful skills.
5. Anything else we should know?: I am unavailable every Tuesday due to cadets.

Policies and Agreement:

By applying to MiraclePrison,
  • You understand many factors contribute to the amount of standby time whilst waiting for a response, not limited to: quantity of applications, personal obligations, etc.
  • You will NOT plagiarize another’s application.
  • You will NOT create an application which may contain one, if not all of these attributes:
    • Satire, implicit messages
    • Rule violations
    • Troll/Insincere/Falsified answers
    • Conflict-provoking/Attention-seeking responses
  • You agree to wait at least 1 week following submission before boosting your thread (putting your application at the top of the section).
  • You respect the result of your application. As mentioned previously, you are allowed to appeal the result as long as you are constructive.
By agreeing to these terms, you also acknowledge any violation will result in an automatic denial and the possibility of a blacklist prohibiting you from applying in the future.
If you choose not to agree, your application will be automatically denied.

- Do you agree? (Yes/No) Yes.

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