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What is your Discord Username and Tag kaydenPlays#4256
What is your Minecraft username? KaydenPlays_YT
How old are you? 19
What is the Timezone that you’re living in? CST
Do you have any previous or current experience as a staff member? yes
Are you currently staff on another server? helper
How much time can you dedicate to MiraclePrison on a daily basis? 4 hours
Do you currently have any active reports, punishments against you? no
Why do you feel you are deserving of a chance to become a staff member? bc i went to help out the server to get more people
What are your aspirations and ultimate goals in being a staff member? ok my goal is get the server better and get more players
What skills/talents help to define you as a person? building,codeing that is my skills
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Thank you for applying for staff on Miracle Prison. Your application is now under review! We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Congratulations your application has been ACCEPTED. You will start out as a JR. Moderator and have the opportunity to work your way up the line!

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