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General Questions: (Answers Required)
  1. What is your Discord Username and Tag?

  2. What is your Minecraft username?
  3. How old are you? (Note: you must be 14 or older to apply)

  4. What is the Timezone that you’re living in? (Ex: GMT)

  5. Do you have any previous or current experience as a staff member? If so, explain when, where, and how?
    I have not been a staff member on previous servers, but I have been on different games besides Minecraft. I've been an Admin on Discord servers for mobile games such as DragonSky with over 1k members, as well as multiple private servers with ~100 members. I applied to be staff through their mod application channels and have been staff on those servers since early 2016 until present.

  6. Are you currently staff on another server? If so, which rank?
    No, I am not currently staff on another server. Though I am still a moderator on the official DragonSky Discord and multiple private servers.

  7. How much time can you dedicate to MiraclePrison on a daily basis?
    8 hours a day, more if necessary. I'll be going back to university near the end of the month but it's part-time and I will still be able to dedicate at least 4 - 6 hours a day, as well as being active on Discord.

  8. Do you currently have any active reports, punishments against you?
    I do not.

  9. Why do you feel you are deserving of a chance to become a staff member?
    I believe I have the maturity and experience required to manage a server from its early beginnings until it develops into a large and established server. I have had job experience in stressful environments from I.T. work, and have developed teamwork/leadership skills required to manage my own small group of coworkers. I have previously undertaken both large and small project work (mostly involving Excel and data processing), thus I can also manage any administrative work if required.

  10. What are your aspirations and ultimate goals in being a staff member?
    With such a new community on this server I wish to help it grow into something amazing, by both guiding new players and assisting with behind the scenes projects for the server. I also wish to focus on the bigger picture, managing not only the Minecraft server, but the Discord, forums, this website, and other social media platforms as well.

  11. What skills/talents help to define you as a person?
    In the context of a professional environment, I believe the following skills I have will help:
    Leadership - conflict resolution, decision making, and problem solving.
    Professionalism - dedication, maturity, and reliability.
    Organizational - data management/processing and time management.
    And my main life skills include patience, flexibility, and friendliness; which I think is necessary for a staff position.
Situational/Scenarios Questions: (Answers Required)
  1. If a Staff Member with a superior role is abusing a glitch, what would you do?
    Assuming it was obvious and I had already obtained sufficient evidence of the glitch abuse, I would report them to staff with a superior role immediately. If it wasn't obvious, I would investigate the situation and warn the offending staff member.
  2. If you saw that one of your close friends was disrespecting other players, what would be your best course of action?
    Message them privately and implore them to stop. If the behaviour continues, I will take necessary action based on the severity of the disrespect (such as muting or kicking from the server/Discord).
  3. If you see players in public chat encouraging others to violate the rules, what would be your best course of action?
    I will state the appropriate punishments for breaking those rules as a warning, and urge them to stop. If the player repeatedly ignores the warning and continues, I will apply the necessary punishments.
Additional Questions: (You may choose not to answer these questions, but it would help us out knowing a little more about you).
  1. Do you have a means to record footage of your game?
    Yes, I have OBS and a powerful enough PC to record all my gaming sessions if necessary, though I usually don't have it active.

  2. Do you have any skills/experience in the following: Java or Python?
    I have some experience in both, more in Java and other OOP languages rather than Python though. I have the most experience in VBA, and my main choice of language is currently Lua, but I can easily learn to use others if given the time.

  3. Do you have any social media accounts? (E.g. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
    I have Facebook, Discord, Reddit, and YouTube. I'm very active on those platforms and use them daily. I have accounts on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter but I rarely use them, however I am very familiar with those platforms and can manage a social media account for the server.

  4. How did you find MiraclePrison? (Vote site names are appreciated)
    I found the server from the site

  5. What are your hobbies that is other than gaming?
    Art is my most prominent hobby besides gaming, I would sketch in my free time and watch tutorials if I find myself struggling with any techniques. I used to love swimming but am unable to now due to medical reasons, but that was one of my hobbies a few years ago.

  6. Anything else we should know?
    I have been an active Minecraft player since the creative browser-based days, before the official release of Java edition. I love this game and I love the servers more, the sense of community that can develop from small servers is what I strive to create. I hope to see this place bloom into something wonderful.

Policies and Agreement:

By applying to MiraclePrison,
  • You understand many factors contribute to the amount of standby time whilst waiting for a response, not limited to: quantity of applications, personal obligations, etc.
  • You will NOT plagiarize another’s application.
  • You will NOT create an application which may contain one, if not all of these attributes:
    • Satire, implicit messages
    • Rule violations
    • Troll/Insincere/Falsified answers
    • Conflict-provoking/Attention-seeking responses
  • You agree to wait at least 1 week following submission before boosting your thread (putting your application at the top of the section).
  • You respect the result of your application. As mentioned previously, you are allowed to appeal the result as long as you are constructive.
By agreeing to these terms, you also acknowledge any violation will result in an automatic denial and the possibility of a blacklist prohibiting you from applying in the future.
If you choose not to agree, your application will be automatically denied.

- Do you agree? (Yes/No)
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